Zander Brown

Hello! I'm another person that makes stuff

I'm a member of the GNOME Foundation and a Human Being^


Since 2018 I've maintained Dia (or at least claim to), a cross-platform diagram editor

Dia is a program for drawing diagrams

Along with Bilal Elmoussaoui I co-maintain Clocks, one of GNOME's "Core Apps".

Clocks for world times, plus alarms, stopwatch and a timer

I've contributed to Mu, a great editor for Python with built-in support for the micro:bit and other MicroPython devices

A simple Python editor for beginner programmers

King’s Cross is a simple terminal emulator (using vte) shipped as a default app on the Librem 5

King’s Cross
Simple Terminal

App Icon Preview is the latest iteration on my “icon-tool” which led to the GNOME Design Tooling initiative aiming to make life easier for designers working with the GNOME platform. Now mostly maintained by others it’s available on flathub

App Icon Preview
App Icon Preview is a tool for designing icons which target the GNOME desktop

Colour Palette is a very simple app(let?) that provides hex codes for the GNOME HIG colour palette. On flathub

Colour Palette
Tool for viewing the GNOME color palette as defined by the design guidelines

Aqabler is an implementation of AQA assembly allowing students to actually 'run' assembly complete with a web interface

Play with AQA Assembly code

I help “translate” GNOME into British English

British English Translation Team
Damned Lies Translation Platform

And many other things I've forgotten about

Things I'm mentioned in